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Hot & Cold Aromatherapy Pillow



size of the pillow is 10inch long x 4inch wide (can cover eyes and for babies to hug while they sleep) 

Warm in microwave (up to 30 secs) to provide soothing comfort to stiff and sore muscles, joint pains, headaches, muscle tension, or when you are having chills, menstrual cramps, cold hands and feet. The heat that is confined within the warmed pillow increases blood flow for better healing.

For cold therapy, freeze for at least 1 hour in your freezer. Use the coldness of the pillow to ease swelling or inflammation due to over exertion of your muscles, sports injury or traumatic injuries such as sprains.

For maximum benefit, apply our Keep Calm & Soothe Warming Balm prior to use.

You can also use it as it is: put over your eyes for a good, restful sleep. Or to calm you down after a hectic day. Put a few drops of other essential oils which you love on the pillow to create your own scent. 


Golden Flax Seeds, Dried Lavender Buds, Lavender Essential Oil


- Be careful not to overheat the pillow! It can get hot enough to burn you or even start a fire.

- Keep away from children when you have just heated the pillow - let it cool down a little bit before using it on them 

- Do not wash the pillow: wipe it with a clean, damp cloth and air dry it under the sun if stained or dirty.


- You may choose any of the above cotton fabric, just let us know which Option you would like in notes to seller before you cart out: 

Option A: Green Eiffel 

Option B: Brown Jute

Option C: Navy Blue Polka Dots 

Option D: Flower Skull

Option E: Green and White Stripes 

Option F: Green and White Zigzag 

Option G: Blue and Pink Stripes