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Product Information

  1. What is the expiry date of your products?

Our products have the shelf life of 1 year from the manufacturing date. However, we suggest that you use the products within 6 months, to indulge in the goodness of the essential oils used.

     2. Why are my lip balms grainy?

Your lip balms have not gone bad - don't worry! Due to crystallisation and the humid weather in countries like Singapore, the Shea Butter found inside our lip balms can form grains when it is exposed to humidity. Just scrape the grainy part off and you are good to go! Our lip balms have the shelf life of 1 year from the the manufacturing date and is often made in fresh batches. Our products will not turn moldy - all the raw ingredients used are unrefined, and traditionally, unrefined cold pressed ingredients does not turn bad/rancid.

    3. Are your products halal certified?

Our products do not require halal certification as it is made by us (we are 100% Muslims) and we use natural and organic ingredients that are typically not exposed to any non-halal methods of manufacturing them.