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Hi everyone! BalmBeBee will be on hiatus from 4th May to 30th June to do some spring cleaning on our webstore. All pending orders will be sent by 4th May. Thank you! 

Our Story

BalmBeBee was born in 2016 while we were making personalized gifts for our children’s beloved teachers. It started with lip balms at first before we decided to venture into experimenting with homemade balms, multi purpose wash and lotion bars as well. The support received from our family and friends were overwhelming! We love all things organic and natural, and have decided to share with everyone the goodness of using balms and lotions made from natural ingredients. Sharing is caring, they say, and we would like to spread the love of our homemade products.

We aim to be environmentally conscious in the process of making our balms, all-purpose wash and lotion bars – from sourcing out for biodegradable packaging, to using labels made from recycled Kraft paper, and to infusing our own herbs in sterile recycled glass bottles. We assure you that our balms are made in fresh batches, using cold pressed oils, organic beeswax, butters, dried organic herbs and 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils at the comfort of our own home. 

Do note that the information in this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. Use our products at your own discretion; results may vary from one individual to another. Always seek the advice of medical experts with any questions you may have regarding any medical condition.

We hope you will enjoy using our homemade products! Spread the word around if you love us (& our products, of course)!

BalmBeBee is also dedicated to our twin boys, our TTTS survivors, our little heroes.



Hidayah, Managing Director