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Hi everyone! BalmBeBee will be on hiatus from 4th May to 30th June to do some spring cleaning on our webstore. All pending orders will be sent by 4th May. Thank you! 

Mini Roll-On Essential Oil Blends


Your favourite balms now comes in small 5ml roll-on bottles for convenience as well as handy while travelling anywhere and everywhere! These roll ons are more potent than its counterpart balms - a little really goes a long way! All essential oil blends are diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil for easy absorption on skin. No hidden chemicals - made from the same essential oil blends as our balms.

4 5ml roll-on minis to choose from:

- Keep Calm & Soothe: To relief muscle aches, migraines, headaches, muscle tensions, fever, motion sickness, morning sickness

- Just Breathe: To relief symptoms of respiratory illness such as blocked nose, flu, cough and cold, also helps to expel phlegm and relief sore throat when out around neck area

- Baby-o-Baby: To relief symptoms of rash such as heat rash, hives, diaper rash, small cuts and bruises, dry, eczema prone skin, cold sores. Keep skin moisturised in cold, dry weather

- Lullaby: To encourage sleep and calms down active minds and restlessness.

*Please indicate which roll on blend you would like to purchase in notes to seller upon check out

 **For first time users, do a test patch first on a small part of you skin/hand to test for sensitivity. 

**All roll ons best put on bottoms of feet and massage according to pulse points. Put on socks after massage and every hourly if you or child have not been feeling well.