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BalmBeBee's Balms/Rubs

Filled in 30g aluminium tins for your travel needs! Calm your nerves down while in flight, or when you are travelling on any moving vehicles with our Keep Calm & Soothe Balm. Use it when you feel anxious, or when that persistent headache or migraine refused to go away. Use Just Breathe on you or your child - especially if you would like to find relief in treating that pesky blocked nose caused by flu or an allergy, or when you are experiencing any respiratory problems at any time of the day. Get our Baby-O-Baby if you need to moisturise sensitive, dry, chapped skin - or when your little one has a boo-boo, insect bite or when you want to prevent that aggravating diaper rash. Guard yourself and your loved ones with our Protect Immunity Booster Balm - swipe it along the spine and chest for that added protection. 

Note: Also available in 50g amber bottles for home use - if you use our balms everyday, we recommend getting the 50g bottles which lasts longer!