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Hi everyone! BalmBeBee will be on hiatus from 4th May to 30th June to do some spring cleaning on our webstore. All pending orders will be sent by 4th May. Thank you! 

Teacher's Day Gift Set 2

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Includes the following items in the customised gift box:

- 1 5g mini balm of your choice (ie Keep Calm & Soothe, Just Breathe or Baby-o-Baby) 

- 1 20g Invigorate or Revive Face & Body Scrub 

- Customised label sticker on the box as per pic with individual teacher's names*


*Message on sticker label: Teacher (insert teacher's name) Wellness Kit

*Please send a note of all the teachers' names before checkout (you may also WhatsApp us at 91088077 or DM us via IG to confirm the teachers' names)