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Teacher's Mini-emergency Kit

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The Teacher's Mini-emergency Kit consists of our Teacher's favourite items to use in case of a mini emergency: 

1. Lip Balm 5g (assorted flavours) for dry, chapped lips. Especially if you have been wearing a mask, and have been using your voice the whole day. Can also be used as a headache reliever if you use Orange Peppermint, Lemon Lavender or Candy Cane.

2. Handy-tizer Mist 30ml to clean and sanitize hands and surfaces without drying your skin. Can also be used as an air freshener to get rid of musty smell. Bring this everywhere you go, especially when outdoors as it is non sticky, non drying and easy to reach and use. 


any balms 20g (ie Baby-o-Baby, Keep Calm & Soothe, Just Breathe or Lullaby) to keep in handy, within arms reach, in case of small classroom emergency! 

Kit comes with a jute pouch and Teacher's Day tag.

You can also choose from any of our mists or balms to replace Handy-tizer. All mists will be in a 30ml aluminum spray bottle. All balms will be in a 20g reusable plastic jar.

*Please indicate which lipbalm flavour and if you prefer any other mists or balms in your kit upon checking out your cart in notes to seller.

*Free anti-bacterial wipes in each pouch for orders above S$100